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30 June, 2019 to 01 July, 2019

Secretary General Stocktaking Meeting

The United Arab Emirates hosted a stocktaking meeting in Abu Dhabi in preparation for the UN Climate Summit in September.

As part of a broader set of events leading to the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25) to the UNFCCC, taking place in Chile in early 2020, and in preparation of the Climate Action Summit, nine areas of work have been outlined and assigned to coalitions of governments:

  • Increasing Mitigation Ambition (Japan and Chile);
  • Energy Transition (Denmark);
  • Infrastructure, Cities and Local Action (Kenya and Turkey);
  • Industry Transition (India);
  • Resilience and Adaptation (UK);
  • Nature-based Solutions (China);
  • Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing (France and Jamaica);
  • Social and Political Drivers (Peru); and
  • Public Mobilization (Marshall Islands).

The topics are described further on the Summit webpage.

Governments will form groupings with fellow governments and members of civil society. According to an Information Note issued in December 2018, the “facilitators” are appointed to ensure the development of transformative outcomes, and will work in coalitions until September 2019 to deliver “the most impactful outcomes” at the Summit.

The stocktaking meeting in Abu Dhabi served to review the reports of the nine coalitions of governments in order to identify the actions and partnerships that can be presented at the Climate Action Summit in September 2019. The aim was to come up with actions meaningful to different sectors, and to countries at different levels of development.


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