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In response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 situation, the UN System Staff College (UNSSC) is expanding its online offerings in the form of “Coffee Hours”, with climate security being one of the featured topics. This session focused on the risks posed by climate change to peace and security, underlining the importance of integrating climate change considerations into peacebuilding, and vice versa.​

In Part I of this session, experts from adelphi's Climate Diplomacy team presented the interlinkages between climate security and sustaining peace, based on experiences from the UN Climate Security Mechanism. In particular, the discussions focused on the risks posed by climate change to peacebuilding and sustaining peace.

UNSSC coffee hours climate security Part I


This session also introduced the UN Climate Security Toolkit - designed to address and mitigate those challenges. Discover:

Toolkit: Guidance note - Addressing climate-fragility risks      Toolkit: Monitoring and evaluation - Addressing climate-fragility risks      Toolkit: Toolbox - Addressing climate-fragility risks

To find out more about and watch subsequent sessions, please go to Part II and Part III.