Past Events
Sub-Saharan Africa

This webinar discussed the gender dimensions of climate change and its associated security risks, by presenting new insights from urban Pakistan, northern Nigeria, and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Adaptation & Resilience
Biodiversity & Livelihoods
Climate Change
Conflict Transformation
Environment & Migration
Land & Food
Global Issues
10 October, 2017 to 15 December, 2017

ECC Exhibition in the Republic of Korea

The “Environment, Conflict and Cooperation” (ECC) exhibition visualizes the dramatic and growing impact of global environmental change. It demonstrates how climate change can threaten the security of the Asian continent, and showcases how climate, environment and sustainable development cooperation can contribute to stability and peace.

Climate Change
Early Warning & Risk Analysis
North America
Oceania & Pacific

As the United States reorients its foreign policy approach to the Asia-Pacific region, it must seriously consider the impacts of climate change, argues a new report from the Center for Climate and Security. How can the United States help improve the region’s climate resilience, and at the same time, strategically adapt to a rapidly changing security environment?