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Twitter is a great platform for keeping up-to-date with current events. For climate diplomacy, there is hardly anything more current than the COP23. From Bonn to Fiji to the world, wherever you are, these 12 Twitter accounts will keep you posted in real time on the COP23 and correlated news and events.


1. COP23

As the official account of the Fijian COP23 Presidency, it is a must-follow for all looking for official information on the event.


2. Climate Diplomacy

What is the COP23 if not climate diplomacy in action? adelphi’s team of experts will be on site reporting live on the daily developments and hosting a series of side-events.


3. Climate Action Programme

The Climate Action Programme works in partnership with UN Environment and is your address if you want to keep up with latest news on climate action.


4. Inia Seruiratu

Inia Seruiratu, Fiji's Minister of Agriculture, Rural & Maritime Development and National Disaster Management, is one of the strongest voices behind the Presidency – in case you missed his interview with our team, here’s your second chance.


5. UN Bonn

Germany’s UN headquarters is in the city of Bonn, the home of COP23. Follow this account for official UN updates on the event.


6. Miguel Arias Cañete

Cañete is the EU Climate Action and Energy4Europe Commissioner. An interesting account to follow on European climate developments all year-round, it will certainly not disappoint during the most important climate event of the year.


7. C40 Cities

C40 is the network of the world’s megacities committed to tackling climate change. Make sure to follow this account for insights on the COP23 from a local perspective.


8. Patricia Espinosa

As the Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, Espinosa plays a central role at the upcoming climate negotiations in Bonn. Throughout the year, she keeps her followers updated on the latest developments of international climate policy.


9. UNDP Climate

Account of the climate division at the UN Development Programme. If you are interested in the nexus between climate change and development, this Twitter feed is for you.


10. Climate Central

As an independent organization of scientists and journalists, this account brings a healthy mix of research and reporting on climate change impacts and climate policy developments.


11. Megan Darby

Megan Darby is deputy editor at Climate Home. Her articles and insights on climate issues are sharp and up-to-date, her account is a must-follow for current climate-related topics.


12. Carbon Brief

Carbon Brief is a website dedicated to analysis and fact-checking of energy policy and climate change science (with a focus on the UK). Their Twitter feed gives a broad overview of what is (or should be) on the agenda in climate politics.


In case you come across other must-follow Twitter channels touching upon climate diplomacy issues, let us know @ClimateDiplo.

Moeen Khan, Pakistan Today

Pakistan’s unprecedented climate shocks make it clear: regional cooperation for managing shared waters is desperately needed. To halt the increasing impacts on agriculture and livelihoods that cripple the country’s economy, diplomacy is of paramount importance. In our interview, Moeen Khan explains how territorial and ethnic tensions with India hinder much-needed transboundary solutions – and how the international community can help.

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What exactly triggers food riots? At which point does climate change come in? And what can we learn from analyzing the lack and impotence of government action in conflict areas? In our Editor’s Pick, we share 10 case studies from the interactive ECC Factbook that address the connections between food, the environment and conflict. They show how agriculture and rural livelihoods can affect stability in a country, which parties are involved in food conflicts and what possible solutions are on the table.

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Adriana Erthal Abdenur, Instituto Igarapé

Environmental defenders in Brazil are at risk — last year, 57 were assassinated and the numbers are increasing. The UN has launched a new initiative to address the escalating violence. This article shows the challenges faced by an activist from the Amazon region who fights for justice, and it notes how the Brazilian government can save lives while preventing unregulated exploitation in the region.

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Paul Joffe
Changes are occurring that could make climate action a driver of the domestic agenda for economic and social progress and for international cooperation. With the help of market forces and technological advances, the tide is moving toward climate action. Paul Joffe argues that a key to success is a strategy that draws public support and makes climate policy a force in a larger industrial renaissance.