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13 January, 2017

Quote of the month

Photo credits: Stephen Wheeler/ [CC BY 2.0]

On 11 January 2017 the Word Economic Forum released its Global Risk Report 2017. In the corresponding Press Release it states:

“The environment dominates the global risks landscape. Climate change was the number two underlying trend this year. And for the first time, all five environmental risks in the survey were ranked both high-risk and high-likelihood, with extreme weather events emerging as the single most prominent global risk.”

Find the full Press Release here.




Climate Change
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Land & Food
Middle East & North Africa
Adrien Detges, adelphi

The Syrian crisis and the multi-year drought that preceded it have become emblematic of contemporary discussions about the possible security implications of climate change. Jan Selby and colleagues argue in a recent study that there is insufficient evidence to support a significant link between climate change, drought and violent conflict in Syria. Adrien Detges (adelphi) takes a close look at this study and provides an outlook on the points and critiques raised by it.

Climate Change
Land & Food
Sub-Saharan Africa
Alexander Carius

Climate change is feeding poverty, instability, hunger and violence in the Lake Chad basin.

Climate Change
Climate Diplomacy
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27 September, 2017

New winners, new losers?

Fred Carver and Natalie Samarasinghe, United Nations Association - UK

As we push for the huge transitions that climate change requires, we must ensure that arguments of solidarity and cooperation prevail over those of self-interest and competition.

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Frédéric Simon, EURACTIV

Former UN climate Chief Christiana Figueres, one of the architects of the Paris Agreement, has called on the European Union to step up regulatory action against deforestation in the global south by tackling emissions of imported agricultural goods like beef, soy and palm oil.