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13 January, 2017

Quote of the month

Photo credits: Stephen Wheeler/ [CC BY 2.0]

On 11 January 2017 the Word Economic Forum released its Global Risk Report 2017. In the corresponding Press Release it states:

“The environment dominates the global risks landscape. Climate change was the number two underlying trend this year. And for the first time, all five environmental risks in the survey were ranked both high-risk and high-likelihood, with extreme weather events emerging as the single most prominent global risk.”

Find the full Press Release here.




Conflict Transformation
Global Issues
Jacob Petersen-Perlman, Lucia De Stefano, Eric Sproles and Aaron Wolf

The impacts of new dams and diversions are felt across borders, and the development of new water infrastructure can increase political tensions in transboundary river basins. International water treaties and river basin organizations serve as a framework to potentially deescalate hydro-political tensions across borders.

Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Change
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Lou del Bello

Tomorrow's megacities will be more crowded, but also greener. What's in them for women as they increasingly demand a space suited to their needs? Can women take the lead in designing more sustainable cities?

Adaptation & Resilience
Climate Change
Early Warning & Risk Analysis
North America
Aubrey Paris

One of the most pressing—and distressing—climate change impacts faced by the world is storm surge, a storm-induced increase in water level exceeding normal, tidal levels. Storm surge is becoming more of a threat to coastal communities due to rising sea levels, since higher sea levels mean higher “normal, tidal levels” before surge even occurs. Affected communities face risks to their homes, infrastructure, and livelihoods, but what can we do about the problem, aside from abandoning coastal communities altogether?

Climate Diplomacy
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It was supposed to be a week - but it became two! The Climate Diplomacy Week 2017 was programmed for 19-25 June, however, one week proved insufficient to fit the wide range of events by embassies around the world.