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01 December, 2016

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The ECC editorial team is committed to providing policy-makers, diplomats, practitioners and the interested public with first class articles, background information on current environmental conflicts, in-depth research, opinion pieces, and interactive, thought-provoking content.

As part of our commitment to support civil society networks across the globe, we seek to strengthen the participative nature of this platform. We welcome unsolicited, insightful articles that touch upon subjects related to climate diplomacy, foreign policy, environmental conflict and cooperation, fragility and resilience. If you are a practitioner, researcher, journalist or activist who can contribute to the debate, please get in touch with our editor for further guidelines.

Climate Change
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European Security and Defence College (ESDC)

Nobody needs to be convinced that climate change affects our very existence and security. However, experts are interested to know how climate change affects security at a global level and what the EU can do in that regard. This was the main aim of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) Climate Change and Security Course co-organised by the French Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN) and adelphi, as part of the Climate Diplomacy initiative supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, which took place in Brussels from 21 to 23 October 2019.

Climate Change
Sub-Saharan Africa
11 November, 2019

Shoring up Stability in Niger

Stella Schaller, Janani Vivekananda (adelphi) and Oli Brown (Chatham House)

The new study Shoring up Stability demonstrates, for the first time, how climate change interacts with conflict and exacerbates the humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad region. To launch the report and discuss its findings with local policy-makers, experts and practitioners, the German Embassy in Niger, adelphi and CNESS co-organised a launch event on 24 October in Niamey. Insights from Niger point to the importance of investing in governance rather than technical fixes.

Climate Diplomacy
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Aline Robert, Euractiv

Even as the US officially pulled out of the Paris Agreement earlier this week, it might be too soon to lose hope on the country's long-term commitments to climate action. If a Democrat wins the upcoming presidential elections, which are set for November 2020, a reaccession process could begin shortly after the withdrawal is complete. In the meantime, however, the effect on trade policy could be significant.

Climate Change
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Josh Gabbatiss, Carbon Brief

European peatlands could turn from carbon sinks to sources as a quarter have reached levels of dryness unsurpassed in a record stretching back 2,000 years, according to a new study. This trend of “widespread” and “substantial” drying corresponds to recent climate change, both natural and human-caused, but may also be exacerbated by the peatlands being used for agriculture and fuel.