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Early Warning & Risk Analysis
Conflict Transformation
South America
Dennis Taenzler, adelphi

The role of adaptation in climate diplomacy efforts has gained some political attention.

Capacity Building
Civil Society

With a launch event on September 4th, the exhibition „Environment, Conflict and Cooperation“ will be shown in ShinjingShan Science & Technology Museum in Beijing until the end of September.

Capacity Building
Climate Change
Janani Vivekananda, International Alert (Interview)

The Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC) team talked to Janani Vivekananda from the peacebuilding organisation International Alert about climate change and community resilience in South Asia.

Rachel E. Stern

China's environmental prosecutors may be busier suing small-time rule-breakers than assembling major cases against polluters, suggests a new analysis

Svetlana Valieva

As the international community observed the UN World Water Day last Friday, March 22, two Central Asian countries were part of important talks at UN Headquarters in New York concerning water-sharing.

Bangkok, 31 August 2012 - Climate change will cripple the ASEAN goal of economic integration by 2015.

Ahmad Rafay Alam
19 April 2012 - The avalanche that engulfed the Gayari camp located on the Siachen Glacier, burying 124 soldiers and 14 civilians, is a national tragedy.
James Hookway

11 April 2012 - The Philippine government said its newest warship is locked in a standoff with two Chinese surveillance vessels in a fresh dispute over fishing rights in the resource-rich South China Sea, potentially escalating an already-tense security environment in the contested region.