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Coral Davenport

For centuries, the glaciers of the Western Himalayas have fed the Indus River, which flows down the mountains through India and into Pakistan, where it runs the length of the country to the Arabian Sea.

Over a dozen Ministers from countries around the world released a statement today calling for accelerated action to substantially reduce venting, leakage, and flaring of natural gas from oil and gas operations worldwide.  Specifically, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition intends to work with lead


In this interview, Geoff Dabelko from Ohio University speaks about climate diplomacy on the international level and the advantages of an All-of-the-Above strategy in contrast to an All-or-Nothing strategy

Todd Stern, Special Envoy for Climate Change

Remarks at Secretary Clinton's Foreign Affairs Policy Board Meeting

The Climate Change Conference in Doha has illustrated once more the time consuming process to negotiate an agreement. Further steps have to be taken to slow down climate change.

Climate Change
Martin Banks

Senior British MEP Graham Watson has called for the creation of an EU special representative on climate security.

His demand comes after parliament last week debated what role the EU's security and defence policy should play in climate-driven natural disasters.

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Barbara Lewis

The European Union will freeze for a year its rule that all airlines must pay for their carbon emissions for flights into and out of EU airports, the EU executive said, following threats of international retaliation.

Dennis Taenzler, adelphi

More  than one year after the United Nations Security Council discussed the challenge of climate change to peace and security, it may be appropriate to ask what kind of follow up, if any, can be observed.


The publication “Climate Diplomacy: Reducing Risks for Security” documents the initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office on climate change and security.

North America
24 October, 2012

A call for climate diplomacy

Kimberly Castillo

It's an issue noticeably absent from the US presidential election but climate change and its effects are felt everywhere.