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Adrien Detges, Christian König, Benjamin Pohl, Lukas Rüttinger, Janani Vivekananda (adelphi); Daniel Klingenfeld, Jacob Schewe, Barbora Sedova (PIK)
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A new synthesis report for policymakers provides an overview of the growing research on the links between climate change, security and peace.

The report identifies ten insights into climate-related security risks and lays the groundwork for the Global Climate Security Risk and Foresight Assessment, led by adelphi and PIK with support from the German Federal Foreign Office.

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The ten insights range from the peace and security implications of climate impacts on livelihoods and human mobility, to the unintended consequences of poorly designed climate and security policies themselves. The implication of these insights is that, if we do not act swiftly, climate change will mean more fragility, less peace and less security.

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