Climate Change
Conflict Transformation
Sustainable Transformation
Global Issues
adelphi, UN Environment and the European Union

To date, responses to climate change have failed to address the full range of knock-on effects. Most climate change programmes do not address conflict and ignore future conflict impacts. Most peacebuilding programmes do not take climate risks into account. As a result, development organizations frequently design separate programmes for climate change adaptation and peacebuilding, sometimes with conflicting objectives. This M&E note supports the monitoring and evaluation of strategies, policies and projects that seek to increase resilience by linking climate change adaptation, peacebuilding, and sustainable livelihoods.

It  accompanies the guidance note which is focused on policy, strategy and project development, and a toolbox, which lists further reading and additional tools.

  • Chapter 1 explains the importance of M&E and lays out the basic principles of conflict- and genders-sensitive M&E.
  • Chapter 2 explains how to measure results and impacts putting a special  focus on climate change adaptation and peacebuilding results.
  • Chapter 3 provides guidance on how to develop indicatorsand how to approach your baseline.

A number of checklists and sets of guiding questions throughout the note help readers to put the concepts and approaches described into action.

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