Climate Change
Global Issues

As the links between the climate crisis and risks to global peace and prosperity become ever more evident, foreign policy actors are increasingly under pressure to step up their efforts to address climate-related risks. To increase the momentum for addressing climate-related drivers of conflict, the German Federal Foreign Office in partnership with adelphi and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) hosted the Berlin Climate and Security Conference (BCSC) at the German Federal Foreign Office on 4 June 2019.

The Conference brought together 250 leading figures from governments, international organisations, the private sector, civilĀ  society, and the scientific community to discuss the growing risks that climate change presents for peace and security. It highlighted that the climate crisis is not just an environmental and development issue, but poses a core risk to global peace and prosperity. It also stressed the need for quick andĀ  decisive action to prevent and minimise climate-related conflict and instability.

Participants underlined the necessity of global cooperation and solidarity with the most affected countries. Moreover, they emphasized the need for ambitious mitigation policies, but also for building a preventativeĀ  framework for action at the global level to help foreign policy actors address climate-related security risks. Across a range of panel discussions that analysed challenges and entry points as regards the impacts of climate change on displacement, socio-economic conflicts and state fragility, a strong and clear consensus emerged among speakers in support of the three tenets of the Berlin Call to Action that was launched at the conference.

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