Janani Vivekananda (adelphi), Adam Day (UNU-CPR) and Susanne Wolfmaier (adelphi)
UNSC Options Paper Cover

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has so far been reluctant to tackle climate change. But as climate-related impacts on security become more apparent, questions of whether the UNSC should address the security implications of climate change become increasingly pertinent. While recognising the limits of UNSC action, this non-paper serves as a backgrounder to examine how climate change and security risks trigger the UNSC’s mandate for action, and what action the Council could take in response.

It is structured around three questions:

  • What operative measures can the UN system take in case climate-related risk is identified as a threat? 
  • What precedents for situation-appropriate action exist? 
  • What actions are available within the respective mandates of other UN organs and Intergovernmental agencies?


Donwload this Climate Security Exper Network (CSEN) policy brief here.