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A new decade, new urgency

2020 is a crucial year for climate change adaptation and mitigation. In the spirit of urgency, this ECC Newsletter features posts about past and future events where the ECC community is driving the action forward. adelphi Senior Adviser Janani Vivekananda helped bring climate security to the Munich Security Conference in February, and adelphi and partners are organizing a series of roundtables entitled “Climate, environment, peace: Priorities for EU external action in the decade ahead”.

As for longer publications, this month’s newsletter includes the German Federal Foreign Office’s major new report on Climate Diplomacy, which identifies six fields of action for preventive Climate Diplomacy. All that and more in your new, redesigned ECC Newsletter. Enjoy reading!


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A blueprint for 2020 and beyond? Climate diplomacy according to German foreign policy
Several climate security studies have assessed the risks of climate change to security and examined potential foreign policy responses, but the connection between climate change and foreign policy remains underexplored. The new Climate Diplomacy Report of the German Foreign Office takes up the challenge.
Time has come to build a ‘climate coalition of the willing’
As we step into 2020, the time has come to implement the Paris Agreement and raise climate ambition. Given the opposition from some stakeholders, the best way forward at this crucial juncture might be to forge a ‘climate coalition of the willing’.
New report assesses critical global security risks of a changing climate
Climate change was more central than ever at this year’s Munich Security Conference. The inaugural World Climate and Security Report 2020 should help policymakers take effective action. It presents a global assessment of the security risks of a changing climate and opportunities for addressing them.
Why has the AU been silent on the Ethiopian dam dispute?
Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan are currently engaged in vital talks over the dispute relating to the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile River. Whereas non-African actors are increasingly present in the negotiations, the African Union (AU) has played only a marginal role so far.





Why climate change is foreign policy: The German Federal Foreign Office Climate Diplomacy Report
Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges. But the German Federal Foreign Office also sees it as an opportunity and a catalyst for foreign policy. Through climate diplomacy, countries can support each other in dealing with climate change impacts and managing the transformation to a climate-neutral economy.





Linking adaptation and peacebuilding - Lessons learned and the way forward
Evidence shows that climate adaptation interventions can contribute to peacebuilding, and peacebuilding can have adaptation benefits. This CSEN paper highlights best practices and lessons from peacebuilding and climate adaptation programs.





Mineral Resource Governance in the 21st Century
Despite efforts to decouple economies from resource use and dependence, the demand for extractives continues to grow, especially in emerging economies. This report highlights that the mining sector, if carefully managed, presents enormous opportunities for advancing the 2030 Agenda.





Green Central Asia Conference 2020: Summary
In January, the German Foreign Office held a conference to mark the launch of the Green Central Asia initiative. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and EU High Representative Josep Borrell opened the conference, which brought together the foreign ministers from each Central Asian state to sign a Joint Declaration of Intent.






Best of GCAC 2020

At the Green Central Asia Conference, the foreign ministers of Germany and Central Asia discussed climate and security risks that afflict the region, explored cooperation paths, and signed a Joint Declaration of Intent.





Greenpeace's Jennifer Morgan on framing climate change as a crisis

In interview at the Berlin Climate Security Conference, Jennifer Morgan shares why framing climate change as an emergency can push countries to treat it as a high priority and mobilise all available resources.



20-21 March 2020, Bogotá, Colombia
UN75 Regional Dialogue for The Americas: Toward Innovation and Renewal on the Road to 2020

The UN 75 Regional Dialogue for The Americas presents an opportunity to find ideas on ways to strengthen regional organisations, the UN, and the coordination between the two. The main emphasis will be on the linkages between climate change, security, and peacebuilding in the Americas.

20-24 April 2020, Kampala, Uganda
Africa Climate Week 2020
Regional Climate Weeks inspire individuals and organisations to become part of the momentum created by the global climate agreement in Paris. They provide a unique collaborative platform where stakeholders gather to address the gamut of relevant climate issues under one umbrella. Uganda will host this year.

The interactive ECC Exhibition

The Environment, Conflict and Cooperation Exhibition visualizes the dramatic and growing impact of global environmental change, focusing on 8 issues and 7 regions.
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