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How Soon is Now? Climate Negotiations Solutions, Once More, Needed More Than Ever

COP24 starts today, the IPCC has published new scientific evidence on the devastating impacts of climate change, the probability that those changes will be manageable are decreasing, and, once again, there is a stalemate in international climate negotiations. Time is running out fast - or more appropriately, as UNFCCC Executive Secretary Espinosa stressed, time is a luxury we no longer have. So, actually the question is how soon is now?

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  Climate Diplomacy

Playing the Climate Card: Strategy for the New Diplomacy - Letter from Washington

Changes are occurring that could make climate action a driver of the domestic agenda for economic and social progress and of international cooperation. Paul Joffe argues that a key to success is a strategy that draws public support and makes climate policy a force in a larger industrial renaissance.


Global Leadership Shakeups: What to Expect From This Year's Climate Talks?

Three years after the talks that delivered the Paris Agreement, the world is gathering in Poland to take stock of the progress that has been made and to raise its ambitions. But as new nationalist leaders take power, has the world lost its appetite for climate action? 


Moving Towards a Global Framework for Safe Climate Migration

Population pressure, environmental degradation and new forms of travel are contributing to human displacement and unsafe migration on an unprecedented scale. And as millions more people see climate change erode their livelihoods, the problem will get worse in the absence of visionary global leadership.

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Polluting Investments? Why We Need a New Era of Development Cooperation

In response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), India could lead a campaign for climate-responsible international development cooperation, shifting from coal to renewables domestically and promoting the values of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) globally.

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South America

Bolsonaro Names Climate Denier as Brazil's Foreign Minister

Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has named an anti-globalist diplomat to lead foreign affairs and his country’s relationship with the Paris Agreement. Ernesto Araújo, a relatively junior diplomat, accuses the left of using the environmental cause ‘to serve their political project of total domination’.

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13 December 2018, EU Pavilion, COP24 Venue, Katowice, Poland

COP24 Side-Event: Climate, Peace and Security: Progress Toward a Preventive Diplomacy

The European External Action Service (EEAS), in partnership with adelphi and the Planetary Security Initiative, will host a side-event at COP24 aimed at tracking international progress in addressing climate-related security risks, as well as raising awareness on climate security among the COP community.

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14 December 2018, German Pavilion, COP24 Venue, Katowice, Poland

COP24 Side-Event: Building New Alliances Around Climate and Security: Germany's Initiative for the UN Security Council

The German Federal Foreign Office, in partnership with adelphi, will host a side-event to look into the security risks brought about by climate change, the roles that can be taken up by UN bodies and the distinct vulnerability of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to climate-security risks.

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What is France's View on Climate Security?  Interview with François Gemenne

France is increasingly looking into climate and security risks. In this interview, the Co-Director of the Observatory on Climate and Defence at the French Ministry of Defence illustrates how France is getting sensitized to the issue. The Observatory produces research on climate change and security for France’s armed forces.

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Mali's Climate Security Trap - How Drought and Heavy Rains Impact Violence and Migration

Mali has been experiencing a series of recurring climate impacts that have severely impacted the country's agricultural sector. Scarcer resources have spiked a series of violent conflicts and strengthened armed rebel groups.

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  Publications & Resources

Paris Equity Check - The Pledged Warming Map

With the Paris Agreement, countries committed to collectively limit global warming to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C above preindustrial levels. However, there is currently no commonly agreed effort-sharing mechanism to determine the contribution of each country. The interactive Pledged Warming Map, supported by adelphi, provides an assessment of global warming when all countries follow the ambition of a given one.


G20 Brown to Green Report 2018

The Summary Report 2018 provides a comprehensive overview of all G20 countries, whether – and how well – they are doing on the journey to transition to a low-carbon economy. The report draws on the latest emissions data from 2017 and covers 80 indicators on decarbonisation, climate policies, finance and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Providing country ratings, it identifies leaders and laggards in the G20. The 20 major economies play a key role in achieving the Paris targets, being responsible for 80% of global  emissions.


China's Multi-Faceted Climate Record

With COP24 starting today and widespread concern over underachieved climate targets, all eyes are turning to China. Its actions as the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter and as a frontrunner in clean energy are highly important for the international community. The added pressure of climate-unfriendly forces emerging in economies such as Brazil, USA and Australia raises questions as to whether China will be able and willing to take up a leading role in climate diplomacy.

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