Climate Change
Climate Diplomacy
Niklas Bremberg, Uppsala University

This SIPRI Insights presents a concise analysis of how three regional intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) in Europe with a security mandate — EU, OSCE and NATO — are responding to climate-related security risks. Together, these three IGOs are the main Europe-based regional organizations involved in European and international security.

The rationale for the study is two-fold: (a) the EU, the OSCE and NATO are the most important regional IGOs supporting European cooperation in the field of security, and it is, thus, highly relevant to gain a more in-depth understanding of their work to address climate- related security risks; and (b) these IGOs are all crucial to Sweden’s efforts to advance the climate security agenda at the international level—both in terms of the policy knowledge and the fact that several of Sweden’s key partners in this policy field are members of these organizations.

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