Climate Diplomacy
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Oli Brown (Chatham House) and Stella Schaller (adelphi)
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The SDGs set out a powerful vision for a better world, but action since 2015 is not delivering that promise. Foreign policy practitioners are in a unique position to help advocate for and assist in the implementation of the SDGs. Given that the SDGs and foreign policy want to achieve the same things – stability, peace and prosperity on a healthy planet – delivering them should be seen as a litmus test for the effectiveness of foreign policy in the twenty-first century.


This essay originally appeared as part of adelphi's volume "Driving Transformative Change:Foreign Affairs and the 2030 Agenda" (April 2019). The publication, comprised by 6 provocative essays, explores what contributions foreign policy can make on the road to achieving sustainable ways of life and provide guidance by pointing out entry points, priorities and trade-offs. They aim to inspire actors around the world to work together to initiate and boost the necessary changes and keep winning over new like-minded partners.

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