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Climate Change and Security in the OSCE Region - Summary Report

Climate Change and Security in the OSCE Region. Scenarios for Action and Cooperation. Berlin: adelphi.

On behalf of the EEA, adelphi compiled this comprehensive report on the security implications of climate change for the OSCE regions. The study demonstrates the potentially far-reaching impacts of climate change on security and pinpoints critical uncertainties and dynamics which will play a key role in determining whether climate change leads to more insecurity and instability over the next 50 years.
The current situation could either result in a vicious circle for the OSCE regions, consisting of environmental problems and economic, social and political crises, potentially leading to violent revolutions and conflicts, or prompt them to seize the opportunities presented by climate change challenges to enhance regional cooperation and integration. Taking comprehensive action at an early stage will be crucial to this process. In addition to pinpointing regional priority areas for action, the study puts forward recommendations for the OSCE and the EEA, which aim to support the states in the OSCE regions and enable them to make better preparations for these challenges at organisational level.