Galvanizing the Groundswell of Climate Actions
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The document summarises the outcomes of an “Online Atelier” on the Future of Global Climate Action (GCA) in the UNFCCC held in May 2020.

UNSC Open Debate Climate and Security_Summary

On 24 July 2020, the UN Security Council met for a keynote debate to discuss the security implications of climate change impacts in a session chaired by German foreign minister Heiko Maas. This summary synthesises the debate's key moments, statements and outcomes.

Christian König and Janani Vivekananda, adelphi
CSEN Briefer_Three pager_How Can UN Organs Respond to Climate-Security Risks?

This CSEN briefer outlines the different sets of tools available to the UN organs for responding to climate-security risks and offers the rationale for implementing these actions in the future. It includes an infographic displaying some of the potential actions the General Assembly, the UNFCCC, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council can and should take in order to address climate-security risks.

Janani Vivekananda (adelphi), Adam Day (UNU-CPR) and Susanne Wolfmaier (adelphi)
UNSC Options Paper Cover

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has so far been reluctant to tackle climate change. But as climate-related impacts on security become more apparent, questions of whether the UNSC should address the security implications of climate change become increasingly pertinent. While recognising the limits of UNSC action, this non-paper serves as a backgrounder to examine how climate change and security risks trigger the UNSC’s mandate for action, and what action the Council could take in response.

Sagal Abshir
CSEN Policy Paper: Climate Change and Security in the Horn Of Africa - Can Europe Help to Reduce the Risks?

Climate change pressures are already interacting with conflict dynamics in the Horn of Africa. European actors are approaching climate security risks in the Horn through interventions and projects  across the region. This CSEN Policy Paper provides an overview of the linkages, in the literature and in the region, between climate change or viarability and violent conflict, and an overview of some of the interventions in the region.

Oli Brown, Anne Le More and Julie Raasteen
CSEN Policy Paper: Europe and Climate Security - Is Europe Delivering on its Rhetoric?

Over the past 15 years, climate-related risks to peace and stability have risen fast up the European agenda. This report explores the extent to which this policy focus has influenced the international agenda and the degree to which it has translated into improved European responses to the causes and consequences of insecurity in fragile states, proposing three areas of action.

Christian König, Hannah Kurnoth and Katarina Schulz, adelphi
Thumbnail_Summary_Berlin Climate and Security Conference 2020

The first part of the 2020 Berlin Climate and Security Conference took place online on June 23 and 24, 2020, bringing together leading figures from governments, international organisations and the scientific community through two sessions on the state of the art of climate and security and a high-level political segment. This summary outlines the highlights of the conference.

Climate Diplomacy
Sustainable Transformation
Global Issues
Dennis Tänzler, Sebastian Oberthür and Emily Wright
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Under the Paris Agreement, governments have committed to radically cutting carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades. This decarbonisation process has profound implications for both domestic and foreign policy, and is likely to have important geopolitical consequences. As a global power and leader on climate action, the EU has an important role to play in meeting these challenges.

Climate Change
Climate Diplomacy
Conflict Transformation
Global Issues
Adrien Detges, Christian König, Benjamin Pohl, Lukas Rüttinger, Janani Vivekananda (adelphi); Daniel Klingenfeld, Jacob Schewe, Barbora Sedova (PIK)
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A new synthesis report for policymakers provides an overview of the growing research on the links between climate change, security and peace.

Judith Nora Hardt, IFSH
IFSH policy brief_Climate and the UNSC

Traditional security actors and institutions facing complex socio-ecological dynamics stand on the brink of change. How do the 15 current UN Security Council member states approach the connections between climate change and security? In the new IFSH Policy Brief, Dr. Judith Nora Hardt presents the research results of the project "Climate Change and Security in the UN Security Council" (CLISEC UNSC) on this question.