Engaging the wider public in the debate around climate diplomacy is a strategic objective. adelphi and the German Federal Foreign Office have devised an integrated communication concept that provides comprehensive information to societies and decision-makers, with the overall aim of facilitating the debate. Importantly, the structure of the communication products facilitates and supports the formation of regional perspectives, and allows climate diplomacy to be viewed through different lenses to ensure its relevance in various contexts. This is an essential element of our overall approach.


› A regularly-updated booklet on recent project activities, outcomes and policy recommendations

› An online information platform and newsletter

› An interactive tool featuring environmental conflicts (Factbook)

› A touring exhibition with accompanying online version and brochure

› A publication series:

  • climate diplomacy briefs focusing on regional and sector climate risks
  • climate diplomacy reports exploring the foreign policy dimension of sector policies in depth
  • climate diplomacy proceedings on regional consultations and briefings