The knowledge platform is designed to facilitate further discussion of topics related to climate diplomacy by providing additional analysis and eliciting broader engagement with relevant issues, including by civil society actors and partners. The website comprises information on all of our activities related to climate diplomacy, including electronic versions of all reports, briefs and documentation. It is embedded within the broader website, which functions as a clearing house for resources and exchange on environment, conflict and cooperation (ECC) theory, policy and practice. Since 2015, the platform also hosts the knowledge platform on climate-fragility risks that was developed as an accompanying exchange forum for the G7 report A New Climate for Peace. It provides a space to share analysis, research and emerging thinking on climate change impacts and climate change responses in fragile states, as well as on the actions necessary to build resilience and stability.The platform also prominently features, an interactive map with a comprehensive database of conflicts related to environment and security.

Furthermore, the platform supports a regionally focused debate, not only by providing region-specific information, but also by fostering and including a global network of partners with regional expertise – part of a three-pronged approach to cooperation:

› Institutionalised partnerships with regular contributions to the website from expert organisations around the globe

› News partnerships with other platforms to exchange knowledge and relevant content

› Mailing lists that allow for targeted dissemination of information (e.g. regionally)


› A regular newsletter with several thousand subscribers, providing articles and information on important current developments, studies, events, and initiatives

Video interviews with distinguished experts worldwide

› The blog Resilience Compass, featuring news, reflections and opinions on climate change and fragility, with contributions from adelphi, its partners and guest authors

› A Twitter account (@ClimateDiplo) to inform followers about the latest news with relevance for climate foreign policy

› A Facebook page to keep subscribers posted on current developments around environment, conflict and cooperation