In 2005, at the initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office, adelphi created a touring exhibition to increase awareness and understanding of environment, conflict and cooperation linkages, and trigger a wider debate on these issues in the public and political domains. So far, the exhibition has toured more than 40 cities in 13 countries. Informative text, photos and graphics give concrete examples to help explore the complex interactions between the concepts.

The exhibition illustrates the ways in which environmental change can trigger or exacerbate conflicts and lead to new security threats. Yet in addition, it also shows ways in which environmental cooperation and sustainable development can contribute to peace and stability. Different modules focus on climate change, livelihood security, conflict resources, energy security, water conflicts, environmental peacemaking, and conflict prevention and mitigation.

Most recently, adelphi and its partners developed regional modules on South America and the Pacific, in addition to the four already in existence. The exhibition has now been showcased in English, German, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. Launch events were opened by embassy officials, and accompanied by public panel discussions addressing regional climate security risks. The exhibition was shown at various universities, most notably in India, Australia and China, often accompanied by a series of events and seminars. In 2016, the Spanish version of the exhibition was inaugurated at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently shown at the National Congress building.

With its new online version (, the exhibition can now be visited by anyone with internet access. It furthermore offers good opportunities to expand the exhibition material and harness synergies with the other parts of the knowledge platform. To make the most of these advantages, adelphi developed education material in English complementing the online exhibition, so that it may be used to familiarise students with the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation on societies.