For Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director at Greenpeace, there is a need for the climate community and foreign policymakers to treat climate change as a crisis and announce it as the emergency that it is. She adds that what affected nations say should hold greater sway than what oil-producing nations say.

“Greenpeace thinks that we are in a climate emergency. And we think that that means that the climate security community, the foreign policy community needs to respond as if we are in an emergency. Announce it that it is a crisis and treat it as we do every other emergency situation and crisis situation, which is at the top tables doing everything we can to solve it.

We expect foreign policymakers to announce this emergency and therefore to have the voices of those that are most impacted: whether it be the small island nations, whether it be African nations. Actually the most vulnerable are the poorest nations around the world. That what they think has more sway than what for example an oil producing nation would think.”